Shera Wood

Product Introduction

In 1998, Mahaphant group has successfully led the way in leader of wood substitution products with its creative flare and pioneer spirit by introducing “SHERA wood” into the market. Under the brand SHERA, SHERA wood creations are unique both in terms of originality and aesthetic qualities.

As a leader in wood substitution manufacturer, Mahaphant group take a high pride in perpetual innovations as its core value. As a consequence, Mahaphant group invests heavily and development which has made Mahaphant group today the forefont company in this industry in terms of production facilities, production capability and distribution networks.

Mahaphant group has operated under “Green Policy” for years and was the very first company in Thailand to introduce the concept of manufacturing an “environmentally friendly” building material through an eco-friendly manufacturing process in the fibre cement composites industry.

At present, Mahaphant group has aggressively marketed SHERA wood products throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Its cutting edge production technology, disruption networks, sales strategies and client services are enjoyed by its worldwide client base. Mahaphant group has continuously strived to improve itself thought technology and human resources in the ever-changing business environment to ensure the progress and leadership position in the regional market place.